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Upcoming Events

At MAP Marston Fields Fishery we hold numerous events, matches and tournaments on a weekly basis. 


These range from single day events to multiple daily and weekend leagues. 


Entry fees vary, with prize money always on hand for the winner of each event, including payouts for section winners and runners up positions. 


Various matches have the optional addition of a super pool entry, if you fancy your chances and are looking for a bonus pay out. 


Our events aren’t just aimed at experienced anglers. We run numerous weekly events, with varying entry criteria such as age groups and ability, so that all anglers have a fair chance of competing and winning prize money. 

Angling clubs are also welcome to book individual lakes throughout the season - subject to availability.

To book on to any of our events or make a booking for your angling club, simply give us a call, drop us a message on our 'contact page' link, or get in touch via our Facebook feed. 


Up and coming events can be viewed on our Facebook page and regularly updated feed, which contains further specific details for every scheduled event.

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