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Our Lakes

Willow has 32 pegs, and a great ploy here is to start short on the pole and then go long. If you've got a good island chuck, the method feeder is also a really great option. Casting just short of the island can also work, because adjacent to the island the water is shallow. Come a metre off the island, and there's a nice flat plateau where it's two and a half feet deep.
The average stamp in here is between 1lb and 5lb, there are also a few fish between 6lb and 20lb, as well as a good head of roach and skimmers.
The average depth in here is six to eight feet, and there are no real shelves or ledges on the bottom. It's just a gradual slope until you get to the island.


Sycamore is the largest lake at the venue with 50 pegs. It's basically a long, rectangular strip with an island straight down the middle.
As well as the usual pole tactics here, the waggler and method feeder to the island work really well, again with a pellet being the best bait with the carp from 2lb to 20lb the target.


Elm has 36 pegs, and it's the shallowest lake at the venue, with an average depth of five feet. The carp in here are all big at 10lb plus. The best tactics to be used here are similar to the other lakes, with a method feeder over to the island and pole fishing in the margins. Both short and long lines work well.


Oak has 28 pegs and is stocked with mainly carp from 2lb up to 6lb. The lake also holds roach, skimmers, and a few rudd.
A bomb in the middle is a great method on here, as well as long and short pole lines with a pellet.


LAURELS IS CURRENTLY UNDER RE-DEVELOPMENT. The lake has recently been netted and drained, in readiness for these works. 

The lake will be re-modelled in order to maximise its fishing potential. 

The central island area will be re-constructed and increased in size, in order that all 37 pegs will be at an approximate distance of 14 metres from the island margins.  Upon completion of these works, the lake will be re-stocked with various carp species, including F1’s, commons etc, and a variety of silvers and skimmers. 

Be sure to check back to our website and social media feeds for updates on this, and all of the goings on at our venue!

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